I am with fewer words of my voice
With few smiles in me
With absent caresses that I desire

Our paths have vanished
And remain here surrounded by mirrors
Who repeat and project,
Agitate solitude.

It’s a gray, but not sad day
It’s the day and time to hear your voice
It’s the day for embraces
It’s a plain April day, with rain,
With cold, with green, with trees

There are moments when all is tranquil,
Tremendously tranquil, I would say.
The calm will not always be calm
A grand calm can demolish our lives in a second and
Leave us forever orphans.

Everyday is the same
There is no rush.
To go over the dead,
Classify them:
Military, guerrilla
Civilians, elderly, children

Close your eyes and come closer
I am waiting for you
With your wings of freedom.

Loving you was just continuing the voyage
Return to the first star
In which we were separated.
It is now.
It’s time to receive
Our other half

I do not want today to end
Without saying that April will come and you
Will be in my days.
And April will come with your accents,
Those that at the height of my
Sleeplessness accompanying my duel.

In the red coffee house, the one that opens
At five in the afternoon, the white lilies
Grow on top of the pianos.