April Arrives

I do not want today to end
Without saying that April will come and you
Will be in my days.

And April will come with your accents,
Those that at the height of my
Sleeplessness accompanying my duel.
April will come as perfectly
As I have expected.

It will be you,
It will be your soul, it will be my voice
You will arrive concealed,
Inside a body
That will fool in the delusion
Of my ostracism.

You will finally arrive,
Directly to my door and God
Will laugh upon leaving you there.
And this same God
Will begin to love,
When my lips
Love you.

I love you from the inside
And from the outside
My being trembles
Inside and outside.
I suffer upon seeing you,
Upon imagining you so exactly
At my side.
You’re at my right
At my left.

I have two hands for you,
I have ten fingers that are yours,
I have the thirst,
I have the words….

The ones I have said,
The ones I say,
The ones I will say.

I have this being
That trembles and is moved.
I have this heart,
My story and our story.

I, I am the city that you seek.
I am the conquest that you begin,
I am the vertigo, which sustains you.

I am your animal,
Your warrior.
I am your city.