It’s a gray, but not sad day
It’s the day and time to hear your voice

It’s the day for embraces
It’s a plain April day, with rain,
With cold, with green, with trees
It’s a day at your side.

And rain comes announcing kisses,
Prophesy of the festivities.

I will see you. You will be a presence again
And you will write in my skin all of the verses
Filling this geography of words,
This humanity that is yours
Descend the stairs, travel through the hallways,
Commit yourself to my home
It’s a day at your side
It’s a plain April day.

It’s a day of reflecting mirrors,
They look the same, they suffer
The same thirst and pronounce words with echo.
It’s a gray day and you’re not here
In your eyes I remain an inebriated boat,
In your lips, in the promises;
Sensing the shadow of your footsteps,
Felling my way through the absence,

Consuming this being.
This emptiness in my disgusted hand
Desperate to lose the horizon
Where was the line of your lips left behind?