One Second


Close your eyes and come closer

I am waiting for you

With your wings of freedom.

Don’t look any longer

Here is your scent,

Here is your taste,

Here is your gaze,

Here are your words.

Here you are, transformed into a woman.


And what do you feel when we meet with each other

In our dreams if he is full of reason?


Oye, cierra los ojos y acércate

 te espero

con tus alas de libertad.

No busques más

Aquí está tu olor,

Aquí tu sabor,

Aquí tu mirada,

Aquí tus palabras.

Aquí estás, convertido en mujer.


Always at my side,

Close by, each one in their cliff.

Supporting the vertigo

Of feeling inside,

So inside.

And the hands do not reach

To know their infinity.