I am with fewer words of my voice

With few smiles in me

With absent caresses that I desire

I am without you

A little bit of life goes away

A little hope is lost

A sky of dreams escapes

I am without you

The city which was conquered

Since the afternoon slowly dies

Since the friends ask about you

I am without you

Against all of the dreams

Against the fiestas of love celebrated

Against the streets that know your name

I am without you

For that I don’t know the direct path towards you

For that I cannot encounter you a little sooner

For that I didn’t sense your arrival and I overuse the words

I am without you

Over the verses that still haven’t been mine and look to conquer

Over this absence of skin and words that resist being confronted

Over this bed that waits for your body yet without knowing

I am without you

According to the daily street,

According to my dog that in silence welcomes me,

According to the absence

I am without you

And in my daily life,

With you more present


I am without you.